40 worst types of people to meet in every restaurant


Saturday, Jan 25, 2014

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Sometimes, you just want to have a good time with your favourite people at your favourite restaurants or bars to catch up over dinner. All is good, until one of these people comes along.

The Thrillist.com came up with a list of 44 worst people in every restaurant. We highlight some of the funniest and the ones we feel most common, even in the dining scene here.

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1. The Communal Dining Thief

These are the people you can't trust around your food, ever. You take your eyes off your food for just one second, and bits of it will already be gone.

2. The Waitstaff Abuser

The waitstaff do not owe you a living, stop treating them like a lower-grade human being. 

3.The Sad Solo Diner

For those who can't stand being alone, this would be a problem. You'd even get anxiety when you see someone eating alone. The Thrillist says at least pretend to be on the phone or something! But to be honest, we feel such people are not exactly the worst - in fact, it's healthy to spend some time alone every now and then. 

4. The Ethnic Menu Over-Pronouncer

There is a fine line between pronouncing your French dishes right so the waiters can understand you, and over-pronouncing them in an effort to sound like someone born and raised in France. Avoid that. Another will be able to see through the wanna-be fake accent. 

5. The Tip Minimiser

Anything less than 20 per cent is unacceptable (in the US, at least). Unless you've had really, really terrible service. But how often does that actually happen?

6. The Joined-at-the-Hip Couple

You know, those couples who literally can't take their hands off each other. And worse, make cooing noises while feeding each other the whole time. Yikes.

7. The Substituter

These people substitute everything in the meal; you'll feel sorry for the waitress.

8. The Defiant Phone Caller

How important could that hour-long conversation about what you should wear on your date next Saturday be? Especially when you're having dinner with a bunch of people in a restaurant. Read about this restaurant in Singapore that encourages diners to put away their mobile devices during meal times. 

9. The Gluten-Free Evangelist

It's fine if you want to refrain from eating gluten, but don't shove your beliefs down people's throats when they're reaching out for the bread basket.

10. The Couple with a Baby in a Place Where There Shouldn't Be One

No one likes a wailing baby at an extremely crowded restaurant opening party. Why don't you just leave him with a babysitter?


People you don't want to meet when dining out

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