Festive feasting

By Sylvia Tan

The Straits Times

Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013

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It's beautiful celebrating Christmas, whether with the family or just a loved one. You do not even have to cook the celebratory meal these days.

There are many choices available, and two of them are at the Conrad Hotel and Sheraton Towers respectively.

Oscar's at the Conrad Centennial offers an extensive mind-boggling brunch spread for Christmas morning - excellent for families who want to spend their morning luxuriating in someone else's food instead of cooking at home after the festivities of the night before.

But if you're looking for a quiet dinner, DOMVS, the Italian restaurant at Sheraton Towers, has a five-course set dinner with sparkling wine on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Brunch at Oscar's

This is an excellent choice for families whose members range from young toddlers to doting grandparents.

There is something for everyone in this large buffet spread, including Santa spreading his goodwill around!

On Christmas morning, the buffet will even extend outdoors to the terrace with a noodle station, serving local favourites such as laksa, prawn noodles, bak kut teh and wonton noodles.

There will be traditional Christmas fare as well. The carving station will offer classic roast turkey with chestnut stuffing and a honey-glazed gammon ham with pineapple sauce and beautifully caramelised pineapples on the side.

Those who prefer beef can go for the roasted prime ribs with all the trimmings. All these, plus a seafood bar, Japanese fare, a range of international dishes including chilli lobster with rice, and an equally impressive range of desserts, plus a waffles station, to finish off!

And did I mention the free flow of champagne, wine and beer throughout the meal?

Faced with such a choice, I personally like to work through the buffet to fashion my own four- or five-course meal.

With Oscar's spread, I would probably start with its excellent Irish and French oysters, freshly shucked, with perhaps some slices of the confit salmon with beetroot and fennel salad.

This would be followed by a Caesar salad, here prepared fresh within a gigantic Parmesan wheel, complete with croutons, mushrooms and anchovies.

My main course would likely be meat from the carvery, for how could I pass up tender slices of beautifully moist turkey and ham with that excellent golden brown pineapple slices?

No carbs for me, though I must admit I may be tempted by the saffron pasta with a triple cream cheese sauce at the pasta station.


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