How to whip up an awesome meal with 1 slice of bread

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Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014

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If you're no whizz in the kitchen, don't worry, here's a simple recipe that you can never go wrong with.

A Reddit user who uploaded the recipe with accompanying pictures calls it the breakfast cupcake.

All you need is a slice of bread to start off with, and two other basic ingredients - bacon and eggs. Mushrooms or cheese are optional.

You'll be amazed at the final product.

What's more, there is little or no mess involved.

Simple two- or three-ingredient dishes are bound to come in handy when you're looking to whip up a snack. 

For example, sliced American cheese can go together with a croissant to become grilled cheese bites if unexpected guests suddenly call on you.

And did you know that by adding some Nutella to hot milk, voila - you have just made a delicious cup of hot chocolate, perfect with those grilled cheese bites you just made.

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Recipes that require only two ingredients

Click on the thumbnails to view simple two-ingredient recipes and other useful kitchen and household tips. (Photo credits: Internet, Stomp)


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