Celebrity Chow with local actor Andie Chen

The 30-year-old local actor described a typical eating-out experience with his child.

Celebrity Chow with home-grown a cappella group MiCappella

M dined with home-grown a cappella outfit MICappella last Friday evening at Adrift.

Celebrity Chow with Chinese-Australian actress-host Jaymee Ong

Her pregnancy cravings are "very similar" to when she was carrying Juliet.

Celebrity Chow with actor George Young

He recently married Taiwanese-American travel host Janet Hsieh in January.

Celebrity chow with Malay progressive rockers Audionauts

Their fond memories of bonding over food remain vivid.

Celebrity chow with local actor-restauranteur Adam Chen

He and his business partners own bar chain Five, Park cafe at Holland Village, Ikki Izakaya at Buona Vista and Golden bistro at Projector cinema in Golden Mile Tower.

Celebrity Chow with Korean guitar whizz Sungha Jung

Last month, Jung, who boasts more than three million subscribers on his YouTube channel, posted a cover of Kit Chan's 1998 National Day Parade anthem Home.

Celebrity Chow with Korean-American YouTube star David Choi

The Los Angeles-based bachelor was in town last Thursday to promote his fourth studio effort, Stories of You's and Me.

Celebrity Chow with local comedian Hossan Leong

The youthful-looking 45-year-old picked dishes he thought best represent the history of our local food culture.

Celebrity Chow with local singer Ferlyn Wong

She gets to eat well now.


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