Celebrity Chow with Taiwanese breakout movie stars Bruce Bu and Vivian Sung

"In the past, I dared to drink only latte or milk coffee," said Sung.

Celebrity chow with Nick Shen

"Although I'm vegetarian, I've never fancied mock meat. I like my greens better."

Celebrity chow with local actress Pan Lingling

To Pan Lingling, discovering that she had cancer was a wake-up call.

Celebrity chow with UFM 100.3 DJs Carine Ang and Vincent Lim

Among the radio jocks at SPH Radio's Mandarin station UFM 100.3, we are sure Vincent Lim is the one who is intensely envied.

Celebrity Chow with Thai American host Utt

To the men reading this, get ready to be jealous of Utt.

Celebrity chow with singer Huang Jinglun

To me, an ideal dinner date would be over hotpot, where we can eat and chat to our heart's content.

Celebrity chow with singer-actor Nathan Hartono

Handsome, tanned, athletic and armed with a set of mesmerising sexy pipes, Nathan Hartono makes many girls go weak at the knees.

Celebrity Chow with actor-host Allan Wu

Anything but monkey's brain.

Celebrity Chow with Kiss92 FM morning trio
Celebrity Chow with Kiss92 FM morning trio

Celebrity Chow with Kiss92 FM DJs Maddy Barber, Jason Johnson and Arnold Gay. -TNP

Celebrity Chow with Shanghai-born Singapore-based actor Ian Fang

After all, he does look like someone who works out regularly and follows a strict diet to maintain his toned physique.


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