No shark fin soup for Tay Kewei's traditional Chinese wedding

Eating out is a relatively fuss-free experience for Tay Kewei and her beau.

Celebrity chow with Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Wang Dawen

If you want authentic Taiwanese food, the US is not the place to be, says Taiwanese-American singer-songwriter Wang Dawen.

Celebrity chow with Malaysian-born singer-actress Bonnie Loo

Celebrity Chow with Malaysian-born singer-actress Bonnie Loo.

Celebrity chow with YouTube folk-pop musicians Us The Duo

Folk-pop duo Michael Alvarado and Carissa Rae like to think of themselves as atypical Americans in their diet and food preferences.


Celebrity chow with local actor-singer Daren Tan

Actor-singer Daren Tan would choose ambience over food quality for the best dinner date.

Celebrity chow with local radio DJ Gerald Koh

The 987FM radio jock is a proud Disney fan.

Celebrity chow with local pop rockers Electrico

Local band Electrico are quintessentially Singapoean, especially when it comes to their love for makan.

Celebrity chow with American actor-radio DJ Bobby Tonelli

The Fly Entertainment artiste counts Katong laksa, popiah and oyster omelette as among his favourite Singapore dishes. 


Celebrity Chow with US alternative rockers Anberlin

It's a love/fear relationship. Anberlin love Singapore food, apart from one particular item.

Celebrity Chow with teen singing sensation Miguel Antonio Vedanaigam

Singapore-based Miguel Antonio Vedanaigam is one of local pop music's fastest rising stars, thanks to his daring choice of songs to cover.


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