Celebrity Chow with actress-host-former Nominated MP Eunice Olsen

The former Nominated Member of Parliament became enamoured with Cambodia after co-producing and starring in 3:50.

Celebrity Chow with radio DJ Lim Peifen

Abstaining from food wasn't as painful a process as one would imagine.

Celebrity Chow with local host-actor-DJ Dennis Chew

To many of Dennis Chew's chums, he is the go-to guy for recommendations on where to grab good eats.

Celebrity Chow with hawker fan Kym Ng

The host of infotainment programme The Best of Love on a Plate has a hearty appetite.

Celebrity Chow with local actress-singer Cheryl Wee

She adores hawker fare and is an avid baker.

Celeb foodie: Drew Barrymore shares her exploits online

The US actress sure is not worried about an expanding waistline.

Celebrity Chow with deejay partners Joakim Gomez and Sonia Chew

Jumping at the opportunity for a spontaneous spice test.

Celebrity Chow with theatre actress Siti Khalijah Zainal

Finding out what type of cuisine turns this budding TV star on and off.

Celebrity Chow with The Final 1 winner Farisha Ishak

The 19-year-old rookie singer used to enjoy fries and chicken burgers among other sinful indulgences.

Celebrity Chow with local actor-host-comedian Marcus Chin

Marcus Chin shares with us his hawker haunts and preference for old-school Chinese restaurants.


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