It’s time to strip naked and have dinner in London

Putting on clothes can be such a hassle sometimes.

If you ever fantasised about letting it all hang loose while enjoying a fancy meal, your dreams has now become reality.

Bunyandi, which means “natural” in Hindi, is London’s first restaurant to ever offer a naked dining experience for its customers.

And boy, are people hungry already.

To date, more than 33,000 people have signed up to dine at the pop-up restaurant that’s due to open in June.

Only a total of 42 diners can fit the restaurant at one sitting, so many of those who signed up may not have the chance to undress and unwind over a meal as the restaurant will only be open for three months.

Bunyandi will provide gowns, changing rooms and lockers for those who commit to the experience.

To top it off, staff will be semi-nude as well – providing customers a feast for their eyes as well as their tummies.

“I’m both surprised and excited by the response,” Seb Lyall, whose company Lollipop is behind the venture, told CNN.

“People want to be naked. Whether it’s on a beach or in a sauna, if the opportunity is there to be in a natural state, they will take it,” he added.

But taking the clothes off comes at a price of course. Diners will have to pay US$95 (S$128) each to dine at Bunyandi.

To make every dollar count, they’ll have to soak in the experience and commit it to memory because unfortunately (or fortunately), taking photos will not be possible as mobile devices are not allowed in the candlelit restaurant.

And in the spirit of going au naturel, the entire pop-up restaurant will run without electricity or gas.

Instead, chefs (who are hopefully fully clothed for their safety) will use wood fire to cook Bunyandi’s vegan and non-vegan dishes.

Food will also be served on earthenware crockery and eaten with edible cutlery.

“I’m inspired by the movement to more natural, stripped-back things,” Lyall said.

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